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Ellita T. Williams, PhD

Scientist  | Clinician

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I am a highly motivated, self-starting, and knowledgeable Life Science PhD and clinician (BSN, RN) with an established personal and scientific credibility.


Completing my Doctorate in Nursing Science from the world-class School of Nursing at the University of Washington, my research focused on how patients with moderate-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) sleep while hospitalized in an acute care setting, an important insight that influences neurological recovery. This work is translational and important for personalized medicine and novel therapeutics that seek to optimize the clinical and biological processes that curb chronic or acute neurodegenerative diseases. 

Areas of Expertise



Medication Administration

Project Management

Data Analysis

Clinical Research

Public Speaking

Patient Education

Microsoft Office


Presentation Skills

Research Experience

My primary research interest is understanding the bidirectional relationship between sleep and brain health. As such, there are two main areas of sleep and brain health that  I've explored in my work. The first area --addressing the neurotrauma aspect of brain health-- uncovers how patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) sleep while in the hospital. The second area--addressing the neurogenerative aspect of brain health-- explores how sleep apnea influences progression to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in at-risk, elderly populations. 

Relating to these two main areas, the research project's I've worked on and led  have deepened my understanding of sleep and brain health. Some key experiences I've had include, but are not limited to :

- Human Subjects Research

- Good Clinical Practice guidelines

- Institutional Review Board applications

- Actigraphy (ACT) , Scoring, & Data Analysis

- Polysomnography (PSG) Analyses

- Statistical Analysis of Sleep Metrics (PSG & ACT)

- Primary Data Collection and Recruitment

- Medical Record Extraction

- Molecular Genetics (OXPHOS Pathway, SNPs)

- Neuroimmunology & Inflammation

- Amyloid Beta & Tau 

- Biostatistics

- Environmental Exposure Analyses

Grants and Fellowships

TL1 Scholar, NIH-Funded, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (2013 - 2015) | University of Washington | Mentors: Hilaire Thompson & Joie Whitney

F31 Scholar, NIH-Funded, National Institute of Nursing Research (2015- 2017) | University of Washington School of Nursing | Mentors: Hilaire Thompson; Pamela Mitchell; Doris Boutain; Shauna Carlise; Diana Taibi-Buchannan; Marty Cohen; Noah Simon

T32 Fellow, NIH-Funded, National Institute of Nursing Research, "Targeted Research and Academic Training for Nurses in Genomics" (2017 - 2019) | University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing | Mentors: Yvette Conley; Dan Buysse; Esa Davis

T32 Fellow, NIH-Funded, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, "Underrepresented Minorities in Behavioral & Cardiovascular Health Research" (2020 - 2021)  | NYU Langone Health Grossman School of Medicine | Mentors: Girardin Jean-Louis; Olugbenga Ogedegbe; Andrew Varga; Indu Ayappa

COMRADE Scholar, NIH-Funded, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, "Congruent Mentorship to Reach Academic Diversity (COMRADE)  Neuroscience Research" (2018- 2019) | NYU Langone Health Grossman School of Medicine

SGI Fellow, NIH-Funded, National Institute of Nursing Research,  "Summer Genetics Institute (SGI)" (2018) | National Institutes of Health Main Campus (Bethesda, MD)



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St. Patrick's Day 2022. Chicago's long held tradition of dying the Chicago River green lives on. 


Groundbreaking ceremony for the Boys and Girls Club, 2022. Chicago's Westside. Standing along some of members of leadership for Chicago Police Department.

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Women in Bio,  Alzheimer's Disease Event: "Connecting the Dots | Alzheimer's Disease , Therapies, and Caregiving" @ Portal Innovations in Chicago's West Loop. I worked with my team in Women in Bio's Programming Department to organize the event.  I was also on a Panelist as a Caregiver SME along with SMEs in law, gerontology, finance, and AD Research, (left to right, Kerry Peck, JD; Julie Lopez, CFP; Neelum Aggarwal, MD; Rebecca Edelmayer, PhD; Ellita T. Williams, PhD, RN).

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